Edmonton pharmacist speaks out after being robbed at knifepoint – Edmonton

Edmonton pharmacist Gayatri Patel is still shaken after she says she was robbed at knifepoint by four men.

Patel said that on Tuesday morning, the men entered Lakewood Pharmacy, which she owns. According to her, one of the men came around the counter and pointed a knife at her, demanding cash and codeine from the safe.

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“He was threatening me constantly,” Patel said. “He was like, if I don’t follow what he says, he is going to hurt me.”

Patel said she told the thieves she needed a key in a different drawer and then went to the safe.

“He wrapped my arms and legs in duct tape and then threw me on the floor,” she said.

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“After that, they told me to face towards the wall so I couldn’t see what was happening behind my back. I could hear noises, like they were banging everything on the floor.

“It was really scary. I was horrified.”

Edmonton police said an undisclosed amount of cash and narcotics were stolen, and the suspects are believed to be teenagers.

“After they got everything, they broke my phone, they broke the pharmacy phone. They banged the computer tower on the floor. They were damaging everything on their way,” Patel said.

She is sharing pictures from the security cameras, hoping someone comes forward to help identify the four men.

Patel said she hopes sharing this terrifying experience will lead to additional security measures for pharmacies.

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