Impaired driving offences remain consistent in Saskatchewan: SGI

Despite a drop in the number of collisions, injuries and fatalities related to impaired driving on Saskatchewan roads, the number of offences reported by police each month remains consistent.

According to the results from SGI‘s (Saskatchewan Government Insurance) traffic safety spotlight in August, police reported 463 impaired driving offences.

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Police charged 379 drivers with one of the numerous impaired driving offences under the Criminal Code and 84 drivers were issued roadside suspensions.

“The numbers of offences reported by police each month are consistently in the 300-450 range and sometimes higher,” SGI spokesperson Tyler McMurchy said.

“Charges are a function of enforcement and while fewer people may be choosing to drive impaired, police focused on catching the ones who are still doing it.”

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According to SGI, impaired driving continues to be the leading cause of death on Saskatchewan roads.

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In 2019, 21 people lost their lives and 332 people were injured in crashes involving impaired drivers.

“Every impaired driving fatality doesn’t affect just the person who was killed, but it’s a devastating, life-altering blow to the family and loved ones who were left behind. Impaired driving destroys lives,” McMurchy said.

SGI added that even though some of the numbers are coming down and the culture is seemingly changing, it’s important to continue the discussion.

“We know many drivers are getting the message and choosing not to drive impaired. However, the fact that 463 impaired driving offences were reported in August shows there is still progress that needs to be made,” McMurchy said.

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“Impaired driving is never OK and the only acceptable number of impaired driving collisions, injuries and fatalities is zero.”

Other results reported by police in August include 7,851 speeding and aggressive driving offences, 556 distracted driving offences and 576 seatbelt and child restraint offences.

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Impaired driving is up while Saskatchewan locked down, according to SGI

Impaired driving is up while Saskatchewan locked down, according to SGI

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